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Checco is a young Apulian entrepreneur dreamer who has opened a sushi restaurant in his Apulia. However, after one month, the restaurant went bankrupt and he chose to emigrate to Africa to escape from debt. Here he adapts to being a waiter in a resort in Kenya, but at the outbreak of a civil war he decides to embark on a stowaway trip on a boat for migrants to Europe and chooses to do it with his African friends. However, he would not like to return to Italy, but rather to go to Liechtenstein where banking secrecy is in force and there is a lower tax burden than in Italy.

Title:Tolo Tolo
Release Date:2020-01-01
Production Countries:Italy,
Production Co.:Taodue Film Medusa Film
Casts:Checco Zalone, Manda Touré, Nassor Said Birya, Souleymane Silla, Gianni D'Addario, Barbara Bouchet, Alexis Michalik, Jean Marie Godet, Nunzio Cappiello, Eduardo Rejón, Fabrizio Rocchi, Francesco Cassano, Antonella Attili, Nicola Nocella, Maurizio Bousso, Nicola Di Bari, Nicola Vendola, Arianna Scommegna, Diletta Acquaviva, Sara Putignano, Enrico Mentana, Massimo Giletti,
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