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When Jesper distinguishes himself as the Postal Academy's worst student, he is sent to Smeerensburg, a small village located on an icy island above the Arctic Circle, where grumpy inhabitants barely exchange words, let alone letters. Jesper is about to give up and abandon his duty as a postman when he meets local teacher Alva and Klaus, a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys.

Release Date:2019-11-08
Production Countries:Spain,
Production Co.:Atresmedia The SPA Studios
Genres:Animation, Family, Adventure, Comedy,
Casts:Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, Joan Cusack, Norm Macdonald, Will Sasso, Sergio Pablos, Quim Gutiérrez, Luis Tosar, Belén Cuesta, Pablo Adán, Mila Brener, Neda Margrethe Labba, Sydney Brower, Teddy Blum, Julian Zane, Emma Shannon, Kendall Joy Hall, Sky Alexis, Tucker Meek, Amanda Philipson, Finn Carr, Lucian Perez, Emma Yarovinsky, Jaeden Bettencourt, Hailey Hermida, Evan Agos, Leo Miller, Bailey Rae Fenderson, Ayden Soria, Reiulf Aleksandersen,
Plot Keywords:postman, christmas, town,
Alternative Titles:
La Légende de Klaus
Klaus: I segreti del Natale
Klaus: Sihirli Plan
Klaus - Câu Chuyện Giáng Sinh