Beverly Hills Cop III hd.720p

Back in sunny southern California and on the trail of two murderers, Axel Foley again teams up with LA cop Billy Rosewood. Soon, they discover that an amusement park is being used as a front for a massive counterfeiting ring – and it's run by the same gang that shot Billy's boss.

Title:Beverly Hills Cop III
Release Date:1994-05-24
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Paramount Eddie Murphy Productions
Genres:Action, Comedy, Crime,
Casts:Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Héctor Elizondo, Gilbert R. Hill, Timothy Carhart, Bronson Pinchot, Stephen McHattie, Theresa Randle, John Saxon, Jon Tenney, Joey Travolta, Eugene Collier, Jimmy Ortega, Ousaun Elam, Ray Lykins, Tim Gilbert, Julie Strain, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst, Joe Dante, Ray Harryhausen, Arthur Hiller, George Lucas, Peter Medak, Al Leong, Louis Lombardi, John Singleton, Alan Young,
Plot Keywords:detective, undercover, carousel , investigation, weapon, sequel, rescue, counterfeit, shootout, dirty cop, gunfight, los angeles, california, explosion, violence, foot chase, framed, car chase, secret service, amusement park, roller coaster, beverly hills, buddy comedy,
Alternative Titles:
Un detective suelto en Hollywood 3
Le Flic de Beverly Hills 3
השוטר מבברלי הילס III
Beverly Hills Purk 3
Snuten i Hollywood 3
Beverly Hills Cop 3
Un detective suelto en Beverly Hills III